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Thank you for your interested in our Thai Carving Knives and carving products.
  • Overseas Customer Inside Thailand
If you live in Thailand, you can select your interested items on shopping cart, email or call us at 081-929-2221.
The payment can be paid with any banks or ATM to belowing accounts.
Your items will be shipped to your address in Thailand by thai post office tomorrow after payment has been paid.
Actually, it takes about 3-4 days by registered mail/parcel or 1-2 day by EMS to reach your address in Thailand.

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Account Name : Miss Oratai Sricham

  • Overseas Customer Outside Thailand
If you live outside Thailand, we are glad to arrange shipment directly to you by DHL, Fedex or EMS Parcel
Please email or call us to indicate items and quantity youd like to order.
Well calculate shipping cost and total amount in Thai Baht for your considerating.

If youre satisfied with total cost and want to confirm the order, please use your paypal account and send money to

**Please note that there will be additional charge 5% for payment by Paypal**  
We will process your order and arrange shipments to you by registered or EMS parcel (Thailand Post) and let you know your tracking number as soon as available.

Actually the shipment will reach to you in 7-14 working days after post.
Please contact us if you need more information or have any inquiries.

Tel : (66) 81 929 2221 

Nakorn Prathom, THAILAND

Our Products



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